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Inphinity Phlebotomy's

Complete Phlebotomy Program. 

HSI Certifications

Safety training

  • High Quality Adult CPR

  • High Quality Child & Infant CPR

  • First Aid

  • AED Training

  • Choking

  • Good Samaritan Law

  • HIPAA Cert

  • Sharps Cert

  • PPE's Cert

  • Blood Borne pathogens Cert

Extended First Aid for Phlebotomy

Health Care Setting

  • Introduction to Basic Anatomy & Physiology

  • Patient Interaction Skills

  • Transporting a patient

  • Safe Living & Covid-19

  • First Aid for Phlebotomy

Essentials to Phlebotomy

Overview of the Human Body

  • Patient Preparation

  • Primary Collection Techniques

  • Special Collection Techniques

  • Processing

  • Safety & Compliance Considerations

  • Tube Guide

  • National Healthcareer Association Mock Test

  • Flash Cards

  • Color Coded Learning

  • Homework

Phlebotomy Lab

Blood Collection Procedures

  • Blood Collection Procedure

  • Blood Collection Equipment, Additives and Order of Draw

  • Venipuncture Procedures

  • Winged Infused Set Procedures

  • Tourniquet use

  • Handling Phlebotomy Emergencies

  • Hands -on Skills

  • Live - Sticks

Volunteers will be required. 

NHA Lab Requirements 

  • Minimum of 20 Evacuated Tube sticks

  • Minimum of 10 Winged Indused sticks

  • Minimum of 10 Capillary sticks

National Healthcareer Association Exam

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