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Our Goals

After attending and working at different vocational school for many years, we saw a need for the community to be able to advance without spending too much time and money. Our goal here at Inphinity Phlebotomy is to help our community grow by providing in depth study of each topic, while saving the student time and money

Our Mission:

We strive to enhance the health industry by giving students the opportunity to grow through a thorough and affordable education to give them better options towards a career and together grow within our community.

We are:

  • National Health Association Testing Site

  • American Heart Association Certified

  • Texas Workforce Commission Approved for Exemption

  • All of our classes are non-credit classes

  • All of our classes are meant to teach knowledge or skills to maintain or enhance a person's competency or performance in the medical field

With us you'll find:

Benefits of Inphinity Phlebotomy Training


*Less than 1 month in class 

(May vary upon selected Class schedule)

*4 hrs a day


*Total fee less than $1400 (Includes NHA Test & all supplies)

*Payment plans designed with the student in mind

*No Student debit

*Free Resume Services by Career Adviser


*4 Students per Class (4:1 Student teacher ratio)

*Mock Test

*9/10 Students pass the NHA test - 10% above National Average

*Focus on Adult learning

*Hands-on training

*Based on most recent NHA training

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